2 bedrooms | 2.5 baths | 263 m2 (2830 Sq Ft)
Selva is a magnificent two-story loft home design boasting a sleek and clean fashion that focuses on displaying the stunning views of the ocean and the surrounding greenery. Towering ceilings and the open layout make Selva one of the most monumental of our luxury villas, designed to be an impressive, yet eco-friendly haven for an active, healthy and spiritual lifestyle. The main characteristics of the Selva are:

  • A two story loft layout
  • 10 foot high ceilings
  • Open-style architecture featuring glass, native hardwoods, recessed lighting, ceiling fans and cool tile flooring
  • A spectacular infinity pool, hot tub and outdoor shower
  • European telescoping pocketing aluminum sliding doors to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living
  • Green landscaped roof system by Carlyle that provides superior insulation to keep the house cool
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