Signature Homes

Kalia builds beautiful, functional and personalized signature luxury homes, designed specifically for comfort and a combined indoor and outdoor living experience. Bringing together the most advanced achievements of contemporary architecture and eco-friendly living for an elegant and delightful lifestyle. Kalia Living delivers unexpected creativity and high quality solutions to building your dream home.

Become an Owner of a Modern Architectural Masterpiece
All great homes begin with a great concept. We offer 15 state-of-the-art Kalia signature home designs to choose from. Each home provides a unique touch of individual architectural innovation. Sleek modern designs and amenities helps you enjoy the best of what Costa Rica’s nature has to offer, with spectacular views from every room, every pool, and comfortable breezes flowing throughout the ocean view properties.

You can select from Kalia’s signature home designs as is or choose to add custom options to any of our superior signature floor plans. Whichever way you want to begin the building process, we know that you will be very pleased with the end result. We are here to help you build a dream home that meets all the needs of you and your family.

Enjoy Sustainability and Longevity
One of Kalia’s goals is to preserve the natural splendour of Costa Rica as much as possible, and our scenic architecture is a prime example. You will appreciate how well Kalia’s eco luxury homes are integrated into the environment; with the home surrounding and privacy fitting perfectly into the terrain, the views all so wonderfully planned, and open floor plans with lots of windows, all for an indoor natural splendor. Additionally, all our eco luxury homes include green roofs and telescopic sliding doors providing the opportunity to immerse in the magnificent nature of Costa Rica from within your own home.

Learn about Kalia Living's one of a kind haven to vacation, live or invest.

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